Draft Soledad Canyon Road Corridor Plan

On October 15, 2014, the Planning Division released the draft document of the Soledad Canyon Road Corridor Plan.  Below you will find a PDF copy of the draft document.  A third public outreach meeting is scheduled for Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Public Library.  Staff will be giving a presentation on the draft document and asking for public input.  Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact Mike Marshall, Assistant Planner II with any comments.

Draft Soledad Canyon Road Corridor Plan 10-14-14

First Public Outreach Meeting October 23, 2013

Please join us at the first public outreach meeting regarding this exciting opportunity to help shape the future of the Soledad Canyon Road corridor.


5:30 P.M. TO 7:30 P.M.



This meeting will be conducted in a workshop format where participants will be asked to provide feedback on various development related issues relating to the current state of the Soledad Canyon Road corridor

Please contact the City of Santa Clarita Planning Division with any questions

(661) 255-4330

September 2013: Soledad Canyon Corridor Plan Kickoff

With the help of the community, business and property owners, the city is in the beginning stages of drafting a zoning document that will guide future development and uses within the commercial corridor of Soledad Canyon Road between Camp Plenty Road and Solamint Road. The Soledad Canyon Road Corridor plan does not propose any new development, but rather is a planning tool to guild future changes when desired by property owners.

City staff kicked off the Soledad Canyon Road Corridor planning process by evaluating and documenting each property within the corridor planning area. This process allows the city to create illustrative maps that will be used during the public outreach process. The first public outreach meeting will be held at the Canyon Country Library in mid-October. During this meeting, the community will be asked to provide feedback about the current built environment of the corridor planning area. Those unable to attend the meeting will be able to access and comment on all of the exhibits on this interactive blogging website. The following sections shall be developed in accordance to the overall development patterns for the following section of development of the overall overlay

If you would like to be notified about upcoming meetings or updates on the Soledad Canyon Road corridor planning process, please sign up under “Subscribe To Blog Via Email” on the homepage of the SantaClaritaCorridorPlan.com website. Public outreach feedback will be posted on the corridor planning website when available.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful comments and insight, we look forward to hearing from you.

City Corridor Introduction

With the help of residents, businesses and property owners, the City of Santa Clarita is comprehensively updating its planning and zoning for community corridors throughout the City. These corridor plans are being developed in tandem with the community and focus on the unique character of each community.

Community corridor plans address the relationship between the buildings themselves and public spaces for the entire area. They help create environments that highlight the importance of outdoor public spaces such as plazas, squares, and open space, while looking at the connectivity of streets and blocks. The regulations and standards in these codes are presented in both words and clearly drawn diagrams and other visuals.

The result will be a more user friendly document for property and business owners, as well as, a community engaged plan that promotes high quality development and uses. As part of this process, City staff will be collecting excessive field data of the current environment which will be useful as a plan is developed.

Outreach with stakeholders, property owners, business owners, as well as interested members of the community will be used as a framework for the creation of the plan. This website will be updated throughout each stage of the corridor planning process and will also serve as a tool to collect comments from interested community members. We encourage you to continue to check back on this website for upcoming corridor plans in your neighborhood.

A well planned approach to Santa Clarita’s future

Santa Clarita residents have made it clear they want a well-planned approach for all future development. They don’t want suburban sprawl, nor paving over open space and sensitive hillside areas. Instead, they want to improve vacant or run-down properties with high quality “infill” projects to provide new jobs, new living opportunities and new stores and services. This type of planning is called “Smart Growth” and is the basis for Santa Clarita’s new General Plan, recently adopted by our City Council.

Smart Growth is a national movement consisting of the application of a series of principles to planning and public space administration strategies in support of development that is environmentally sensitive, economically viable, community-oriented, and sustainable.

Smart growth builds on Santa Clarita’s history and natural settings. Instead of new development that looks similar to everywhere else, it promotes interesting, unique neighborhoods and districts, which reflects our values and heritage.